Saturday, April 17, 2010

Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Thomas Jefferson said that, and he was totally right. I thought about this today when I caught myself in an old bad habit. The past 3 days I haven't been stellar with my plan. I have been eating pretty well all day, but then in the evening going to get a snack like I used to do. I realized this in the bakery by my house this afternoon while I was running some errands and stopped to pick up something sweet for after dinner. I kind of saw it as a last goodbye because I was planning to get back on track tomorrow. Yikes! That is something the old me would have done, and it definitely does not get me any closer to my goal. I walked right out of the store and home.

After dinner, I was looking for a recipe that was healthy but would satiate my sweet tooth. Instead of baking anything I remembered that I had some frozen cranberries. I sprinkled a little sugar on them and they totally hit the spot, and at only 30 calories a way better choice than the butter tart that I was eyeing at the bakery (it was probably at least 500 was huge!). I don't know why I went back into that 'take a day off before the "real" weight loss commitment starts' mode, but I'm sure glad I got out of it. I've ridden that merry-go-round way too many times.

I used to work with at-risk youth and we taught them to ask themselves whether a decision would get them more or less of what they want. I guess it's a good tool for me to use too, because even though butter tarts are tempting, living a healthy lifestyle definitely gets me more of what I want.