Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Well, it's been a while. But that doesn't mean I've been making bad choices and being sedentary. Not at all. The thing is, with my dad here for 11 days, and my thesis deadlines coming to a head, I had to prioritize. And unfortunately, blogging was something that had to go for a couple of weeks. I still managed to fit some activity in, and to make meals rather than buy them some time. That is evident by the fact that rather than gain weight over the past few weeks, I have lost a pound. Not great by anyone's standards, but it tells me that this really is a lifestyle. Even when I had so much work to do on my thesis that my supervisor didn't think I would get done, and when my dad was here wanting to go out for beer and wine, I still managed to stay on track.

And guess what? I'm finished my thesis. Well, just about. I have some revisions to do, but I'm hoping to get them done in the next few days, and then I'm a master.

The bf and I have also started doing the 30 day shred. We had to take a couple of days off after the first day because it was my thesis defense and then I went out the next night after work with some of my girlfriends to celebrate, but we're entirely back on track now and I recently found out that my mom has it, so if I don't finish all 30 days before I head home for my brother's wedding on April 30, I can finish it up there. My mom and I are also supposed to do a 5k on May 7, but she got a stress fracture in her foot last week. We're hoping it will be healed in time, but I definitely don't want her to push it. I'm a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to it (I've definitely got the running bug). We'll see how it goes.

If you take a look at my measurements, my waist is FINALLY smaller than my chest. How amazing. I'm really noticing the changes. I find it a little weird that I haven't been losing anything off of my hips lately, but they were disproportionately small before, and maybe now that I'm shredding I'll notice a difference.