Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Riding my Stallion

The whole time that I've been writing this blog, I've had an ulterior motive for weight loss in the back of my mind. Some people think I'm crazy, some think I'm ambitious, and some think I'm crazy (yeah, it's about 2 thirds to 1 third), but I am planning to ride my bike across Canada this summer. Yep, 6500 kms west to east. How did I get myself into this mess make this decision? Well, when my bf and I decided to go back to Ontario when we were done school, he said that he wanted to ride his bike. I said have fun I'll meet you there. But then, I watched a documentary that our friend Mike Beauchamp made when he did the trip in 2005. Immediately following said documentary, without thought or filter, the words "I want to ride my bike across Canada" came out of my mouth. About two days later, I was the proud owner of this stallion:

Yep, she's a beaut. They didn't have any in pink, which would have been my first option, but I've got the water bottle to hold down the pinkiness. I've got her souped up some and I'm going to get fenders and a rack for my panniers later this week. I rode quite a bit last summer but then not at all this year until this weekend. And guess what? It was FANTASTIC!!! There is this hill on one of the rides that I like that I distinctly remember never making it up last summer. This weekend, though, I made it up it, no sweat (okay, a little sweat, but you know what I mean).

It's an added motivation for me to be as healthy as I can because Lord knows I don't want to end up carrying my obese self plus all my stuff up the rocky mountains. I'd rather be as fit and light as I can be. We plan to leave around May 24. Let the training [officially] begin!


Tammy said...

OMG I love your blog title, lol...awesome! I'm so glad you're joining the challenge....I realize you only have 2 days til our first weigh-in, but I'll still need you to pop over on Friday and give me your weight...and it still gives you 3 more weeks to reach the 10 lbs lost mark...I know you can do it girl!! :)